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Hot Vinyasa

In this heated vinyasa class you’ll connect breath with movement as you flow through postures. Instructors will offer modifications to suit students' needs. Room heated to 95-100 degrees.

Warm Vinyasa

Similar to our hot vinyasa class with a little less heat. Suitable for all levels. Room heated to 85-90 degrees.

Gentle Flow & Restore

If you’re looking for a non-intimidating, user-friendly class, this class is for you.  Zero experience necessary. This grounding practice uses props to support the body into relaxation. Instructor may incorporate the use of essential oils to enhance relaxation. You’ll leave feeling calm and refreshed without breaking a sweat.

Flow & Let Go

This unheated class offers the best of both worlds. Starting with all all levels vinyasa practice to get the body moving before settling into the restorative portion of class using props to support the body into ultimate relaxation. Suitable for all levels.

Hot Power Hour

If you're looking for a fast paced, challenging class that is sure to make you sweat, this class is for you. The room is hot and the music is loud. Some yoga experience recommended. Room heated to 95-100 degrees.

Hot Yoga Bootcamp

Our signature early morning hot vinyasa class thats sure to start your day the right way. Room heated to 95-100 degrees.

Late Night Heat

An invigorating and dynamic hot vinyasa yoga flow that unfolds under the soft glow of dimmed studio lights, creating an intimate and soothing ambiance. As the day winds down, this class awakens a sense of vitality and balance through a series of seamlessly linked poses. The room is heated to intensify the practice, promoting flexibility and detoxification. Late Night Heat will leave you feeling refreshed and centered as you transition into a tranquil night’s rest.

Hot Power Flow

A hot vinyasa practice that builds strength and improves physical and mental balance and flexibility.

Weekend Wind Down

A Sunday evening yoga class crafted to gently transition you from the from the ease of the weekend into the rhythm of the week ahead. This session strikes a balance between invigorating movements and mindful grounding. All levels are encouraged to join, making it an inclusive practice that sets an uplifting tone for your week.

Warm Vinyasa Express

The express version of our all levels heated vinyasa class. We'll get you in and out in 45 minutes.

Hot Slow Burn 

A heated all levels vinyasa class. A slower flow, you'll hold poses for a bit longer and definitely feel the burn.

Sink In
Grab those mats, straps, blocks, and blankets, and settle in for this low, slow, deep flow, packed with breath work, hands on adjustments, assisted stretching, and massage. Designed with all levels in mind, come join us for some feel good movement and treat your mind, body, and soul.
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